DoTerra’s Verage Skin Care Line {Product Review}, Written By Someone that ISN’T a DoTerra Representative


*Disclaimer: No one asked me to write this review. I purchased all the products with my own money simply because I wanted to give them a try. I am writing this review to inform other people of my experience and opinion, should they be interested in either. However, should you decide to purchase from one of the links that I have provided below I will receive a commission from Amazon. *

I have never really used anything fancy on my face. I have generally had three criteria for choosing a skin care product.

  1. It is available at the store where I am buying groceries.
  2. It has a pretty package that generally describes the skin I have/want.
  3. It has a middle of the road price point.

Pretty intense criteria, huh?

Well, I few months ago after buying another product that I hated (go figure), I decided to do a little research and invest a little more money into a skin care line.

So, I developed new criteria:

  1. Ingredients are natural products. I am a hippie at heart. I want to use things that are as natural as possible.
  2.  Is Anti-Aging. I don’t have any major issues yet, but a few fine lines are beginning to make their appearance and I do have some fairly large pores in my T-zone that I would love to make disappear.
  3. Around $100 for everything. This one felt like a small fortune compared to what I was used to spending at the grocery store. But, not nearly enough for some of the higher end systems that I had heard so much about (Roden and Fields, I’m looking at you).

There were three major contenders that I was interested in trying: DoTerra’s Verage Skin Care Collection, itWorks Skin Care System, and Young Living Oil’s Art Skin Care System.

I ultimately chose DoTerra’s Verage Skin Care System because I have been very satisfied with the quality of the company’s products in the past. I have several of their oils that are mainstays in my medicine cabinet. It was also the only one that fit all three criteria (both other skin care lines were more expensive).

  1. The ingredients are natural and seemed to actually be good for your skin. DoTerra seems to be very transparent about the ingredients in each of the four products in the collection. They have created an ingredient sheet for each of the four products. The list includes the following: the ingredient, it’s purpose, where the ingredient was derived from, it’s safety rating and any potential concerns with the ingredient.
  2. Claims to “nourish and hydrate skin and reduce the visible signs of aging.” Yes please! I do believe that if your skin has all the nutrients that it needs, it will naturally look much better. And I have combination skin that can lean towards being quite dry at times. So, those two things combined with my main goal of being anti-aging definitely checked off this box. DoTerra does offer another skin care line called HD Clear for acne prone skin, just in case you are interested.
  3.  It $84.50 + shipping. The retail for the whole skin care line is currently $112. But, my mom is a member and gets wholesale pricing which brought the price down to where I wanted it to be.

I decieded to write this review because in all of my research prior to my purchase, I was only able to find reviews written by people that sell the product and most of those were just telling about it. They hadn’t actually used it. Therefore, I wasn’t to share my experience with DoTerra’s Verage Skin Care Line.

Verage Skin Care
DoTerra’s Verage Skin Care Line

My skin: I have combination skin. It can be quite oily right around my nose. But, the rest of my face falls into the normal-slightly dry category with only occasional breakouts. I have pores that are on the large side in my T-zone and the skin around my eyes is rather dark.

I used the product until it was gone. It has lasted about 4 months, but I didn’t wash my face faithfully every single morning and night.

What I Loved:

  • It was simple and easy. It was only a four step system (it didn’t include an eye cream) and the order was clearly spelled out.
  • It worked fast. It only took about a week for me to see a naitceable improvement in the overall tone of my skin. A lot of the redness that was in my cheeks had mellowed out and my face had an all over “glow” that was new and lovely.
  • It smelled nice. I have a sensitivity sniffer and overwhelming smells are can be obnoxious. But, this skin care line didn’t have an overwhelming smell at all. And the scent was very natural (not chemically) and very mild.

What I didn’t Like:

  • Cheap Packaging. The containers that held the individual products were not very good quality, which is saying something because I am used to the cheap drugstore stuff. It didn’t create a problem expect for when I used the Hydrating Serum. The nozzle got stuck constantly when I was pumping it, which meant that I was never sure how much would be dispensed and the bottle was ALWAYS leaking.  Eventually, this lead to me running out of the serum WAY before I ran out of anything else.
  • It was not hydrating enough. I was a little disappointed with how dry my skin felt the whole four months I used this skin care line. It didn’t seem to matter how much of each product I used, my skin never really felt fully hydrated which surprised my because I tend to be on the oil end of the spectrum and I used this product during the summer in Florida so it was the environment that was causing this feeling.
  • I didn’t see an improvement in the fine lines or wrinkles. While the overall condition of my skin improved significantly, I didn’t see any improvement in the fine lines that I already had. They didn’t get any worse, but in the amount of time that it took to use all four products until the containers were empty, my fine lines didn’t have any noticeable improvement.

Final Verdict: 

I like it. But, I won’t be repurchasing any of the products because they weren’t a good for type. But, I do feel like my skin was healthier and in much better shape than before I started using it. I also was a little disappointed that I didn’t see more improvement in my fine lines (Have I mentioned that before?). Now that I have offically entered into my 30’s I am looking for a natural anti-aging product and this just isn’t the one for me.

I would recommend this product for:

A twenty-something man or woman with oily skin that isn’t prone to breakouts.

But, that’s just my opinion.

If you have any questions about my experience with DoTerra’s Verage Skin Care Line that I didn’t cover, please don’t hesitate to ask! Just leave me comment below or shoot me an e-mail.

And I would love to hear your recommendations for skin care products that you have used that meet my criteria.

Thanks for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “DoTerra’s Verage Skin Care Line {Product Review}, Written By Someone that ISN’T a DoTerra Representative

  1. If you find a line that you like, please share that also because I am in the same boat at you (well, except I have entered the 40 category…).

  2. Have you found a anti ageing skin line ? I also looked at DoTerra and I was about to sell Roden & Fields!!! I want to go all natural meaning no more makeup and figured if I use a great skin care line I won’t look so bad.. I’ve been looking at TaTa Harper I think I spelled that right

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