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The Rest of the Story, The Deets on Our Hospital Stay

After the craziness of arriving at the ER at 6am with our fevered 7 week old, and being admitted a few hours later for IV antibiotics to treat pneumonia, things calmed down quite a bit. I believe with all my heart that it was a direct result of the out pouring of prayers on our behalf. I never want to forget the feeling I had on Thursday night and Friday morning when I experienced one of the best things about social media. Our village rose up with an abundance of love and supported us in such a humbling way. It was incredible, and God continued to make his presence known throughout our stay, even though there were still some scary moments.

Friday morning started off with meeting a WONDERFUL nurse, Debbie. Seriously, if your kiddo ever has to be a patient at Halifax Medical Center you want Rachel or Debbie to be their nurse. Both ladies take their job as the patients’ advocate so seriously, and are an absolute joy to be around. When I met Debbie, one of the first things she told me was that she had already been praying for my son, because she prays for all of her patients each morning on her way into work. That was music to this momma’s ears. Liam and I spent the day with him continuing to get antibiotics and waiting for the doctor to round on us so that we had an idea of when we were going home.

Liam and I enjoyed a wonderful visit from a precious friend that happened to be in Daytona running errands. Then, at 4pm Luke and Grayson came for a visit and we all met Dr. Manheimmer who shook things up a little bit.

He let us know that he was changing the diagnoses and wanted to run some more tests. He believed that although Liam’s chest X-ray showed infiltrates (fluid), because his lungs sounded completely clear and his oxygen saturation had been 99-100% the entire time we had been there that Liam did not have pneumonia. Liam’s urine culture that was performed in the ER suggested a UTI. the doctor ordered an ultrasound of the kidneys to make sure that everything checked out anatomically, and it did.

He also performed a spinal tap, which was terrifying. But, the doctor felt like in a baby so young, there were enough red flags, that meningitis had to be ruled out before he could discharge us. We agreed that it was better to rule it out, than to come back again after to being discharged or worry needlessly. So, Debbie took him back for the test, we prayed constantly, wept a little, and mostly tried to play it cool with Grayson while we waited. 30 minutes later, they brought Liam back, told us that he handled the test well and the initial results looked perfect. But, we also found out that we would not be going home until Sunday afternoon when the 72 hour culture for the spinal tap came back.

Meanwhile, on the home front Luke and the kiddos spent the night at my mom’s house for another day. Luke had some projects that he needed to continue to work on, so he and Grayson spent the day at the house working until they came to visit us. And my mom soaked up her one-on-one time with Hunter. After Grayson and Luke left, I had a minor breakdown and called my mom. I felt so burdened that I was responsible for this whole thing, and I needed her reassurance. Hearing her voice explain what my heart already hoped was true, eased my mind enough to allow me to sleep. Saturday was more of the same. I relished the one-on-one time with my youngest babe, who continued to improve, and Luke held down the fort with our other two kiddos. Around lunchtime my mom came down to visit and take over baby rocking duty so that I could take a little break. I took two 🙂 During the first break I ran to Target to pick up a few things (well, really just to be out among the general public). I made sure that I was back in time to feed Liam and while I was there the doctor rounded on us. He let us know that the spinal tap cultures were continuing to come back clean so the doctor let us know that as long as everything continued to improve we would be going home on Sunday.He also reassured my tired, scared, momma heart that none of this was my fault, it was really just one of those things that happens and there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. After he left, I fed Liam again and then headed to my Noni’s house to take a shower. I’m fairly certain it was one of the best showers I have ever taken. It was right up there on the list next to the first shower you take after giving birth. In the late afternoon, our lifesaver (Holle) came to the house to feed Grayson and Hunter dinner and put them to bed so that Luke could come visit us at the hospital. We ate Five Guys in the hospital bed while we watched the Kentucky Derby and enjoyed a nice visit from our pastor.

By the time Sunday morning rolled around we were ready to go. During the night Liam’s IV started to go bad and both our night nurse and our Sunday day nurse did their best to baby it along so that they wouldn’t have to start a new one so close to being discharged.Thankfully, it did its job until the last antibiotic dose was delivered and it could be removed. Dr. Manheimmer came around early, let us know that all was good and we were out of that place by about 3 o’clock. But, the story doesn’t end there. Liam went home with a weeks worth of antibiotics to complete orally and orders to follow-up with our pediatrician the next day.So, when Monday morning rolled around I dropped Grayson and Hunter off with my poor mother again (who was already watching my perfectly adorable nephew Blaise) and Liam and I headed off to see another doctor. We love our pediatrician so much. He isn’t quite as holistic as I am, but he is very respectful of my views and I have a tremendous amount of respect for his medical advice. So far he has been spot on with most things. During the appointment we went over all the tests, the course of treatment, as well as Liam’s symptoms. Very long story short, he doesn’t think that Liam had pneumonia or a UTI, but just a cold. Which I completely agree with, since Luke has been sick with cold symptoms since we came home on Sunday.  The End.

The story must end there because no one else is allowed to get sick or require a hospital visit. I evoke my motherly authority to declare it. I’ll consider it my Mother’s Day present to myself.

*You can read about the first part of our hospital trip here.*


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