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My Diaper Bag for Three Littles {What’s Working}

I am a minimalist at heart. I love blank spaces. I want things to be as simple as possible. And three kids later I have figured out a diaper bag system that works perfectly for me without carrying a bag around that causes back pain. I don’t like typical diaper bags because they have so many pockets. And when I see all the pockets I feel like I have to fill them, which leads to me feeling like a pack mule. But, when I found this purse at Charming Charlie I knew it was perfect.

It is wipe able, no interior pockets, and a nice neutral color that goes well with most of my current wardrobe. It also came with a smaller, secondary purse inside. This is what the inside of my purse looks like day to day. Even though I prefer to keep it fairly emtpy, the purse is larger enough for me to add all kinds of other stuff that we have needed to take with us: rain jackets, extra changes of clothes, snacks, toys, and of course there is always room for me to hold my husband’s wallet, phone, and keys whenever the need arises.

Inside my purse I always have the matching zippered bag, my cross body wallet, a burp cloth, a pacifier for Hunter and Liam on one clip and my keys are usually on the other clip. All the things that I need to get to quickly or frequently are easy to access.

I keep all of my kid essentials inside the brown zippered bag. It holds a pencil bag with some quiet entertainment for the kiddos (some small books, pens, and doodle pads), a couple of diapers for both Hunter and Liam, a small package of wipes, a change of clothes for Liam and usually a disposable changing pad (but we have a poop disaster recently and I forgot to replace it). Inside the little pockets I have a few little necessities like plastic bags and moist towelettes. I prefer to have all of the kiddos things together in this bag so that when I need to drop them off somewhere (ie the church nursery) all of there stuff is in one location and is easy to grab and leave with the kiddo.

I only take my whole purse out of the car with me when I will be inside somewhere for a while (like church, Costco shopping or a doctors appointment). Usually, I just grab the cross body wallet and I wear it during the errand. I LOVE this wallet. The main compartment is big enough to carry all my cards, a Chapstick, my keys, and phone and a checkbook fits in the outside zippered pocket. I bought it from Melissa Elayne on Etsy and I couldn’t be happier with it. The quality is wonderful, the product is exactly what I expected from the desriptions that she provided, and it arrived a little earlier than I thought it would. I love supporting small businesses and she has so many cute products, I like just browsing her store 🙂 And just to be clear, she didn’t pay me or offer me anything for free to say that. I just wanted to share a really positive experience!

The secret to the success of my very minimal diaper/ purse solution is what I keep in my car. I like to keep it  completely stocked with anything and everything I might need. I will take pictures of all that to share next week 🙂


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