Holidays and Celebrations

Robbins Thanksgiving 2014

My Noni has an expression she uses when life is good, “You should wallow around in it like a big, ‘ole fat pig!” And we did a whole lot of wallowing this Thanksgiving.
The long days of life with littles can be overwhelming and exhausting. But, the mind blowing speed at wish the years pass is almost too much for my heart to take. And the truth is, life is so so good. So, on Thursday we celebrated all that is wonderful, beautiful, and perfect about life right now.
We chose to hear laughter over fussing babies and ignored our tight pants to enjoy our once a year favorite foods. We made the decision to live in the moment instead of being a slave to the clock.

We hugged, reminisced, played, ate, praised, soaked in, laughed, and worshipped until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.
We gave thanks for God’s perfect plan to grow this family.

For unconditional love.
For siblings and cousins that share a lifetime of wonderful memories.

For four generations gathered around the table, and the belly laugh from the baby that only her great-grandfather could illicit.

For the baby boom of 2011 that has lead to so many years of playing and laughing and learning together.
For the three of the babies that God has allowed me to mother.
For yummy food. Oh, the food. The old family recipe for Mac-n-Cheese, sweet potatoes with lots of sugar, ham, bread, and pies. Bliss.

*Note to self: always empty the phone’s memory before a holiday so that you can document the entire day, pand not just the first 5 minutes of arriving at the first meal of the day. Lesson learned. *


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