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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes!

Around our home, food is the 6th love language. We love to eat. Well, we love to eat really good food. When a read that Andrea was having a recipe club link-up I knew that I had to share this one.

This recipe for Stuffed Sweet Potatoes is really good food. The original recipe is from Wellness Mama, and she deserves all the credit. When, not if, but when you make this amazing dinner go check out her site because she has the recipe written out clearly with lots of other great information about the foods involved. (Actually, just go check her out anyway. She has a TON of incredible information about all things health related.)

This dinner ranks pretty high on our favorites list and is usually made once a month (which is pretty frequently for our family).

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 14

One of my favorite things about this recipe is that there is a lot of “give” in it. The measurements don’t have to be precise, and substitutions for your family’s preference is encouraged 🙂 For example, this night we used 2 sweet potatoes instead of four, mild cheddar instead of sharp, and we like to scrape the sweet potato guts into a casserole dish and layer everything on top. I have even left off the sausage and made this as a side dish for a potluck family dinner as a savor sweet potato dish and it was a HUGE hit.

So, the basic directions go like this:

While your sweet potatoes (however many you need for your family) are baking in the oven, brown 1 lb of sausage. Use whatever kind of sausage your family likes.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 01

While the sausage is browning, dice up one onion and garlic.

*Substitution Note: The original recipe calls just says “onion” . On this night, we had a red one so we used it instead and it was delicious. And we almost always double the amount of garlic a recipe calls for. We LOVE garlic and it has awesome health properties, so we go crazy with it :)*

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 02

Once the meat is cooked, drain it and set it aside. In the same pan, saute your onions and garlic. We like to saute in butter instead of the sausage grease. But, you can use whatever you fancy.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 04

Saute until they are almost done.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 05

Then, add your sausage back in. And top the whole with with LOTS of spinach and let the spinach wilt down.  Don’t worry about using too much. When you first put it all in it will seem like a ridiculously large amount.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 08

The night we made this we used an entire bag of spinach. But, as you can see, it gets smaller.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 09

At this point, we just let this stay warm on the burner until the sweet potatoes are done. Once, they are done we mash all of the yummy insides into our casserole dish.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 10

Top the sweet potatoes with the sausage mixture.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 11

And top the sausage mixture with shredded cheddar cheese. If you are feeling really froggy, you could put a layer of cheese between the sweet potatoes and the sausage also 🙂

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 12

Put your dish back in the oven for a few minutes. At this point, you are just melting all the cheese.

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 13

Now, all that is left is to serve it up and enjoy!

2014.05.27 Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 14

We don’t usually pair this with anything when we make it for dinner. It is really a whole meal in one for us. The savory of the sausage with the sweet of the sweet potatoes is such an awesome combination. It is a pretty light meal so we don’t usually feel bloated and “stuffed” afterwards. But, the sausage does make it stick to your bones more then the veggies alone. We paired it with Barefoot’s Pink Moscato and it was wonderful.

I hope you enjoy!


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