Pillow Talk

I tend to get easily distracted throughout my day.

Though I try to maintain a peaceful home, having a toddler around isn’t exactly conducive to long talks and deep lingering thoughts.

So, each night after everyone else has fallen asleep I rest my head on my pillow, close my eyes and kneel before my Creator.

It is a time of sweet release.

At times it is full of joy and praise, other times it heartache and tears.

Some nights I spend hours humbly before His throne being comforted and renewed.

Others are but a few moments of praise and perfect sleep.

But, this time is always a treasure to me.

Usually, a secret treasure. The things that are prayed in the quiet of night need not be uttered again for human ears.

Except when documenting them glorifies God and inspired others. That is a game changer.

Tonight’s pillow talk consisted of bringing God my burdens. I have been feeling lately that my prayers haven’t made it past my bedroom ceiling. But, I know that there is no where else to turn, so I persist.

God has been allowing me to seek Him, and has rewarded me greatly for it.

During my prayer I asked God to let me hear a very specific encouragement from my husband.

As a sidebar to this story: I have a truly incredible husband who is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. But, if you remember from yesterday, things have been a little rough around here lately. And needed a little extra encouragement.

I committed in my heart to continue on, regardless of the praise of man. Knowing that what I am working for is eternal. But, who doesn’t like words of praise for a job well done?

A few moments later the silence in the room was broken be my husband’s voice. “Thank you for being such a great mom.” Followed seconds later by, “And thank you for being such a great wife.”

The exact words that I had asked the King of Kings to let me hear.

He heard me! Not only did He hear me, but He saw my heart.

And He answered my prayer!

All I could do was weep in praise. The Maker and Ruler of the Universe is also my Heavenly Father.

He doesn’t just love us (which is a miracle on its own), but He cares about our details. Just like a loving parent would.

I share this story as an encouragement to you. Whoever you are, whenever you are reading this, whatever you are praying for, He hears you. And when the time is right, and your heart is ready to receive it, He will let you know.

And when he does, I hope you to are brought to untainted praise. Then, I hope you also document your moment. Because, we are not prefect. And we live in a broken world. And we need all the reminders we can get of how good God really is to us.

The interesting thing is that this moment transformed me. But, not in the way I would have thought.

I began asking God to make me more invisible. Let people (including my husband and son) see less of me, and more of Him.


2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Sweet Alli, your words have made it all the way to British Columbia, Canada. thank you for sharing them. I miss you and your whole sweet family. What makes me smile is knowing that whenever I see you all next, it will seem as if no time has past. Love to you all,

    1. Oh Alicia, how we miss you too! Luke and I think about you often. We daydream of randomly showing up at your doorstep and catching up over dinner. We look forward to reuniting one day 🙂
      All our love,

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