Lost Moments

In the notes section of my phone I have a list of very clever blog post titles.

Titles that when originally penned were full of such deep meaning and powerful analogies that I believed their truth would be written on my heart and in my mind forever.

However, the reality is that the list of titles now serves as a reminder.

Proof of moments that the spirit tried to get my attention.

An attempt to which I gave a momentary response. The cordial response usually reserved for exchanges such as those with a cashier at the store has been the response the Holy Spirit has been receiving from me.

I jotted down a single line as if to say “Thank you so much. Have a nice day.”

Never pausing to fully engage in the moment. But, giving just enough of my attention to not be perceived as rude.

My heart grieves these moments with the Spirit that have been lost.

How frequently I sacrifice the Spirits leading and moments of pure worship, choosing busyness instead.

Moments that will never be gotten back exchanged for busyness that cannot be remembered.

Busyness that I fear will echo in eternity as time wasted.

Therefore, I commit to writing.

I commit to reflecting.

I commit to document moments spent at the Spirit’s prompting.

Because our hearts and souls always seem to have rainy, gloomy days. When it feels as though it has rained so long that we will never see the sun shine again we need reminders. Reminders of moments invested wisely. Spent humbled bowed down in worship and study. Renewing our minds of truth, that His mercies(like the suns light and warmth) are new every morning. (Lamentations 3:23)


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